The year was 2011 and I thought I had all of the answers.

I knew what I liked and I knew what I didn't like. I leaned into the things that I liked and let them utterly consume me. Video games, clothing, electronics, late night parties with friends. I spent all of my hard earned money in the desperate pursuit of more and week after week I would scour the physical and digital streets, opening the door and my wallet to any passer by regardless of their motivation or intention.

"These are the things that represent who I am", I would tell myself.

As soon as I bought a pair of sneakers, another would immediately catch my eye and without even a thought or a whim, I would take out my card and swipe it across the machine, again and again until the security strip on the underside began to melt away.

I couldn't just buy any old video game off the shelf. I needed the collector's edition and not just any edition but the version that was only sold in Japan.

"Three hundred dollars you say?", I would passively mutter as the checkout screen on the laptop ushered me to proceed with my purchase.

"Sure, no problem", I would retort as if I had genuinely believed that I was the victor in this entire situation.

Again and again and again I would swipe, all of my long working hours and subsequent compensation directed towards objects and devices that I believed to hold real value.

"These are the things that represent who I am", I would tell myself.

"These are the objects that convey my lifestyle to others".

It was a shallow and naive approach to existence. The very idea that I needed to purchase my self worth in order to be granted permission to exist was a fleeting hypothesis and one that would eventually catch up with me.

It's OK to Live a Simple Life

There are only so many things a person can buy or own before those possessions end up owning them.

There is only so much empty space on a shelf that if you keep stacking and piling, eventually that shelf will buckle, its brackets will loosen and everything will come tumbling down.

And that's not even mentioning the space you cannot see. The space none of us think about until it's completely overloaded and bursting at the seams.

It was going to take a miraculous event to alter this unspoken and unseen calamity but little did I know that such an event lay just beyond the horizon.

Our mind is a magical element that enables us to be aware of the world and it's experiences, it allows us to feel, to think, it offers us consciousness and thought.

It's a precious commodity that we carry with us from the day that we are born until the day that we die and if we are not careful, that unseen magical element can lay a heavy burden upon our lives as it valiantly fights to defend and uphold our structural identity amongst a sea of inner turmoil and overburdening.

Back in 2011, all of those years ago, I had arrived at the breaking point of no return. I was completely ignorant to the fact that I was rotting from the inside out, my core but a darkened pit of despair and shallow definition as I meandered from decision to decision, each one covering my skin and soul with a thick smothering layer of viscous oxygen deprived matter.

I was suffocating with an invisible ticking clock counting down the seconds until complete meltdown.

It was going to take a miraculous event to alter this unspoken and unseen calamity but little did I know that such an event lay just beyond the horizon.

A lease of new life

One fateful night, all of those years ago I decided to hoist my belongings and set off on an advevnture across the globe. An adventure that would take me from the colorful and chaotic streets of India's New Delhi to the picturesque sun soaked beaches of Thailand and Bali, eventually settling amongst the towering pasture inducing hills of New Zealand's northern countryside.

There was only one problem.

My belonging's could not come with me. There was no space in my rucksack to store all of my possessions, no strength in the interwoven straps to endure the weight of a thousand ill-conceived previous purchasing decisions.

My mind was at ease, my body felt like a feather

With no other alternative, I left it all behind that fateful day and walked out of my door in search of adventure, a necessary step at the time but one that would echo and reverberate for years to come, eventually shaping my very existence and leading me on a path to true happiness.

The days transformed into weeks, the weeks morphed into months and before I knew it, I was nearing the end of my adventure, a journey which had taken me through a portal of unknown, out into the depth and breath of unfound territory where mottled colors and scented fragrances danced and pirouetted across the every changing landscape as I hopped across the globe, my body and mind set free from the shackles of societal norm.

Without the weight of my physical possessions staking me down I was at liberty to go where I pleased with a new found lease of life propelling me in any direction that I dared to spring.

My mind was at ease, my body felt like a feather and for the first time in my life I felt truly alive, the resounding headaches from previous escapades but a blip in a past I had almost forgotten.

A fog had lifted and I could see clearly in every direction with no approaching storm on the horizon to dissuade my temper or demeanor.

It's OK to Live a Simple Life

I was happy.

Happy to be free, happy to be light but most importantly, happy to be present in a world I had lost sight of as my belongings and responsibilities had blocked my view like ill-conceived skyscrapers choking the rays of the sun. Those towering buildings had lorded above me, their shiny, reflective facades threatening to release a gravitational force of burden, doom and complication.

I could move in any direction at a given moment

Without them, I felt like I could do anything. I really believed that if a strong enough idea caught my attention I was ready to pounce and catch it by it's coat tails, allowing it to swoop me up in it's embrace and carry me off to a far away land where promise and excitement beckoned at every corner.

The simplicity of being light on my feet had quite literally transfomed my life.

I was not my belongings and my belongings were not me.

Like a professional tight rope walker who had trained and mastered the art of perfect balance, I was able to put one unwavering foot in front of the other.

I could move in any direction at a given moment, my perfectly placed feet darting above the cloud filled sky that lay below as I leaped and bounced towards true happiness.

It's ok to live a simple life.

Pensions, mortgages, collections, cars and holiday homes. If that is what you truly seek in life then by all means go for it. After all, one should lean in the direction that makes them feel happy.

However, if none of the above sounds appealing at all then why not take a chance on a different road. Why not try your hand at a simpler way of life.

Strip away the layers of complication, set off on your own adventure (internal or external) and discover what is truly possible when your body and mind have been set free from the shackles and constraints of your possessions and pressures.